Recommended Surfing (the website honoring the greatest comedian in human history, and probably the most political) (the other official Bill Hicks website - both Hicks sites feature plenty of audio and video clips of Hicks and other irreverent counter-culture comics) (a wealth of eye-opening, consciousness-expanding literature, including Alan Watts lectures and essays) (more cool blasphemy and comparative religion) (Caustic, radical, and in-your-face, just like (There must be something special about the name "Christopher". This website, along with and, are all authored by Christophers! Gotta be a fortuitous coincidence, unless we're the chosen men of God...) (radical and counter-culture to the max, with an enormous array of relatively rare and crucial books everyone should read) (featuring plenty of brilliant, perspective-shattering, worldview-changing material by the great sage Noam Chomsky and other icons of Dissent...) (website associated with "Z" Magazine, proffering alternative views of current events and crises, and solutions)