One thing I get sick of is hierarchy.

Hierarchy pervades America, in all facets of life. Probably no other nation has ever been so resolutely hierarchical.

Hierarchy is everywhere, behind everything. It permeates the business world. In a typical company you have the lowly workers, and right above them supervisors, then middle management, then the vice-president, then the president, then the CEO, then the controlling chairman of the board and board of directors, then the owner(s) of the business. Talk about a caste system...

Why all these interminable layers? Why are authority and power coiled into more layers than a fucking onion? What American business needs is a more egalitarian way of conducting its capitalistic affairs.

In another place in this site I opine that managers are not needed, period. I stand behind this opinion, and not cynically. All you need is responsible people who care about the business, who are dedicated and who know what they're doing. You are so right - the profit motive and profit margin would suffer, but would that be a bad thing?

Hierarchy doesn't stop in the business realm. It overlaps other domains. The class-conscious, class-dominated business system in the U.S. and the rest of the capitalist world is bonded to the class-conscious religion system of the West. The business system is married to the political system. The political system is a Siamese twin of the extant system of organized religion. The cock of the priest is buried deep in the ass of the banker. The thigh-bone is connected to the knee-bone. The foot-bone is connected to thuh ankle-bone...Pretty soon it's all one big bone with a common goal. Keep going 'til you cover every single permutation in this power-hungry circle-jerk. The government and the state (there is a difference between the two), the church, the business structure, are one. In fact , they are inseparable bedmates, in a symbiotic relationship which if severed would cause any and either partner to wither and die.

Look at a typical Protestant church...You have a striated system of normal everyday churchgoers, and right above them Sunday School teachers, who are not just teachers but also authority figures, then the deacons, then higher still, at the top, the pastor, who is also most definitely an authority figure, then higher up still, Jesus/HolySpirit/God.

As Alan Watts pointed out in a couple of his timeless lectures, Protestant churches are designed like Old World courtrooms, and the reverence for the reverend is no coincidence, just as mandatory reverence for a judge is not.

The tacitly accepted, largely unnoticed hierarchy and social divisibility in modern churches are almost universal. Think about how churches automatically divide into classes instead of a coherent, loyal union. What I'm talking about is how in most Sunday schools the general assembly when the thing starts is everyone sitting together and singing songs and listening to the S.S. leader speak or give a brief Bible lesson. Female sits next to male, girls who have the hots for guys in the class sit next to them, and vice versa. Classroom teachers sit abreast of and betwixt each other. But young don't sit next to old because young and old are segregated in separate classrooms, sometimes even separate areas of the building, or sometimes even separate buildings.

After the S.S. leader makes his little ice-breaker presentation while the listeners sit around in those cold metal chairs listening to him and sipping coffee, the classes break up into age groups and/or sex divisions. Eighth and ninth graders might be in one class together, while single adult men and single adult women, for one instance, separate into classes. This isn't always true but often is, at least in the Baptist churches in which I've been a member.

Where's the cohesion in this system? Where's the brotherhood, the fellowship, the unity of the Holy Spirit, if everyone is separated in this weekly microcosm of class-conscious society?

It's even worse in the church service, when everyone is let out of Sunday school to walk over to the sanctuary. Teenagers sit next to teenagers, families sit next to families, old people sit next to old people. Blacks sit next to blacks -that is, what rare blacks are in attendance in white churches instead of at their own usual black churches, which rarely have any white members - and what does this tell you about Christianity?

In my hometown, whose church demographics are surely representative of America at large, we had a Native American Baptist Church (called the Indian Baptist Church) and a black Baptist church.

Such racial splintering is not a weakness in Christianity. It's a proof of its fakery.

A true religion born of God would not fall prey to socioeconomic and race biases. It would easily overcome prejudice and race-consciousness. Christianity's division into racial comfort zones is indicative of its intrinsic structuring of races and income levels into hierarchies of sorts.

For an unpleasant taste of hierarchy in churchhood, look at the Catholic set-up. At the very top is God, of course, then right under him one man: the fucking Pope, then cardinals, bishops, priests, the common-man herd of mass-goers, and whatthefuckelseever. I have no idea what precise order the strata are in and I don't give a fuck. All I know is that Protestantism is fucked, Catholicism is fucked, hierarchy is fucked, and that they're all a means of controlling the masses.

In all my years wasted in Baptist churches I rarely saw an older person sitting next to a younger one. It just didn't happen. Unless it happened to be a grandmother and grandson...

Saddest of all, well-dressed richfucks showing off suits and ties sit next to each other in their sanctimonious velvety pews, while welders and bricklayers in blue jeans sit together. The shit-sniffing brown-nose business owners who have their heads up the preacher's sweaty ass and who have "a standing in the community" always get chosen to come forth and give the prayer before the offering or the sermon; the fast-food workers never do.

A hierarchical system is implicitly deemed necessary by those perched in its upper levels. This is something the elitist overlords don't have to discuss out loud - they already know it. They assume it. It's a tacit truth, a cardinal doctrine.

A key utility of this power structure is keeping the rabble in line and subduing the occasional rabble-rouser. Why? Because the rabble outnumber the rulers. To continue ruling, the rulers must keep out the mob. A dominant system of authority is needed to over-compensate for the disparity in numbers and to preserve the status quo of hegemony in business, organized religion, and the military realm.

The military's class system is even more grotesque: private, corporal, sergeant, captain, colonel, general - in five more levels called "star" designations, Secretary Of State, Secretary Of Defense, Commander-In-Chief George Double-Fucking-You Bush, fucking et cetera, fucking ad nauseam, ad fucking infinitum...

What the world needs now is a breakdown of hierarchy everywhere - in every province, every country, every continent, in whatever form its ugly head may take.

Society is a corruption of existence. Order, and organization, are stultifying mechanisms. They stifle people, and their potential. They attenuate spontaneity, which isn't good, because spontaneity is what life is all about.

Fuck hierarchy. Fuck patriarchy. Fuck monarchy. Fuck oligarchy.

Arkey-malarkey. The only good "archy" is anarchy. The hierarchical power/authority structure is in natural conflict with democracy. An attenuation of the hierarchical infrastructure would give more power to the people, and that, after all, is what democracy really is.

Fuck the monarchy of the Queen of England. Fuck the monarchy of the United States, wherein one man has way too fucking much power. Where what was once a republic has degenerated into a sick plutocracy. Where you must be richer than fuck to get elected president or congressman.

Those glorious punk rock pioneers The Sex Pistols raised the dead with their song "God Save The Queen." Their artwork for the album was as cool as the song, with the Queen of England sporting a safety pin piercing her left or right nostril.

The real world-system of power and control is "Queen Save the God," however. Unorganized religion brings in no money, so organized religion is vital for profiteering and societal control.

The individual's idea of God is private and subjective, with a variance based on individuals' experiences and environments (see "My Testimony: Transmogrification Of A Consciousness" in this website for my idea of God when I was a young boy - a man of about 60 with a black beard and black hair instead of the customary greyish-white).

The societal concept of God, though, must be manifested in the public consciousness. Become more than just a bastardization of Jung's collective unconscious harbored in the private mind of the person and the polite, collective mind. Become part of the thoughtstream of the people, not of persons. Become socialized, if you will. By that I'm not referring to socialism, state or voluntary. I'm referring to "socialized" as a way of spreading a particular idea of God. I'm intimating that religious conformism is a definite agenda of the Queen-Save-The-God edifice.

This particular idea's crucial attributes are power and authority. Its concomitant outcome is utilization as a power tool by the elite. Naturally, in an authoritarian society, which sadly the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, and most other nations of the world are, this power and authority is distributed throughout the various levels of control comprising it. (See Noam Chomsky. As he brilliantly points in Necessary Illusions and Manufactured Consent primarily, but also in other works, there's a difference between authoritarian and totalitarian, but the United States is a totalitarian society as well, although more indirect and subtle and sneaky than the more overt totalitarian societies like the extinct Soviet Union).

One obvious example is a pastor of a church. Not only is he ordained in a ceremony which the church body must sit and watch reverentially. Not only is he the weekly speaker with rare exceptions. He is also an authority figure - not just a figurehead but an actual, real authority who must be listened to, respected, and obeyed, albeit if indirectly. Not just in his church, but also in the community-at-large.

Pastors in most towns in America are nestled into alliance with the mayor, the city council, the school system, the community's bank presidents, the chief of police, the county sheriff, etc.. These alliances don't happen by accident or randomness. The unifications and parasitic entanglements are so close-knit their partakers might as well be butt-fucking each other, and in a lot of cases they are.

On a national scale, the President of the U.S. and the fucking Queen of England preserve the hierarchical system with unwavering allegiance to organized religion and its dogmas.

How far would a presidential candidate get today if he let everyone know he was an atheist? Not very fucking far. As far as I know, the last atheist president was Abraham Lincoln. But he didn't flaunt it. He wasn't outspoken about it. And little old ladies misperceived him as a holy man of God. Nowadays, that won't happen for a long time. How many mayors of even the smallest towns are atheists? That can never be known for sure because most of them will keep it a secret until after they're out of office. Some more open-minded, progressive towns and cities in places like New England and Washington state wouldn't mind having a God-less official in power, but it doesn't wash in mainstream America.

Queen-Save-The-God goes way back. The priesthood of the Hebrews who roamed the desert five thousand years ago required its followers to kowtow to the God it invented. It called this god Yahweh, and drew him from its pantheon of gods. It wisely realized a polytheistic cabal would not work. It evolved its chosen god and made it God with a capital G. Its priests empowered this God, thereby surreptitiously empowering themselves.

In my hometown, we had a Native American church (derisively called the Indian Baptist Church) and a black Baptist church. My church was nearly all-white, with rarely a black visitor or member. The black church was pretty much 100 percent black. The Indians and blacks worshiped on their side of town, while we white Christians worshiped on ours (west of that great American physical/demographic/social dividing line: the railroad tracks). Such racial splintering - symbolized by "the other side of the tracks", is not a mere weakness of Christianity, but a proof of its fakeness. Christianity's division into racial comfort zones implies its hierarchical structuring into class levels of all sorts (black-white, saved-unsaved, rich-poor, popular-unpopular). The reluctance of many churches to integrate racially, even now in 2005, shows us just how shamefully class-conscious organized religion is.

Throughout the Dark Ages, possibly the bloodiest and most rigid period of this Establishment, Queen- Save-The-God ruled with an iron fist. It became much bolder and more egregious. During the Inquisition it forced people to believe its views or die, akin to the way John 3:16 and its adjoining Gospel essentially attempt to force unbelievers to become believers.

After the Middle Ages, Queen-Save-The-God moved beyond the nationalistic constrictions of the Israeli desert and the heart of a nascent Europe. It became more ecumenical, eventually becoming a core value of a fledgling United States - as important as the doctrine of Manifest Destiny and its accompanying manifesto called "the white man's burden."

In its modern incarnation, Queen-Save-the-God has presidents, shahs, dictators, queens, and popes and prelates preserving the ulterior motive: control of the people.

Queen Save The God has fought wars, sacrificed lives - of the enemy and its own citizens, to perpetuate the status quo. An inexhaustible supply of canon fodder has been designated disposable then expended. No matter that these men were deceived into thinking they were dying for their country or freedom, not a system. No matter that these were real men who had real lives; the canon reigns supreme. No coincidence that the root word for "canon" is "rule" and that the canon fodder has throughout history preserved top-heavy social structures built on rule and hierarchy.

Queen-Save-The-God has spilt blood, assassinated, organized, infiltrated, dispatched spies and double agents, and rigged elections to keep everything just the way it is. The-way-it-is being old money and old rich people running the show and squeezing money out of laborers' capillaries. It has spared no expense in suppressing rebels and rebellions. (See Richard Nixon). (See Henry Kissinger). (See Ronald Reagan).

A herculean effort by the common man, organized with a collective conscious and desire for real freedom, is crucial to uproot this evil system.

It is more than an Establishment. It's an Entrenchment. Deeply entrenched, firmly rooted. If it can be unentrenched a spasm of consistent uprooting efforts must be sustained, and a long period of time must be on its side, probably both.

Queen Save The God. She did save him, for in a decentralized system of unorganized, private religion she would enjoy no power and no idle teatime while the serfs labor in the mud. Her elitist cronies the business-owner richfuck 1 percent who own and employ the working-class 99 percent, would have to work, and that would be a tragedy.

Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten got it right. Anarchy In The U.K.! - Yes! Anarchy in the U.S. too! Anarchy in the world...

The old anarchist slogan remains viable:

No gods, no masters, just people...

Twenty-or-so Questions

Ever notice how the Bible is full of monologues by God and Jesus, but rarely has any dialogues?

Ever notice how the Pentateuch is full of unvarying instructions by the priesthood, with no slack allowed for disagreement or dissent among the ruled, or even one instance of asking for the ruled's opinion?

Ever notice the same thing about American presidents, and about preachers?

Ever think this might not be coincidental?

Ever think how this system of thought dominance with crimped exercise of freedom of speech might go on for a reason: to perpetuate the power of monarchs and plutocrats?

How often in the Bible does God rant and rave interminably and at the same time ask lowly humans for their opinions?

Did He have a dialogue with Moses on Mount Sinai or simply command Moses to comply? Was it a dialogue or a monologue?

Ever hear Jesus ask the multitudes for their opinion when he was preaching to them?

Ever go to a church where a crowd-wide discussion and roundtable is held in the sanctuary, instead of the preacher dominating the act of speaking?

Ever hear a dialogue during a sermon, or just a fucking monologue, by one fucking man?

Ever see the president of Walgreen's visit one of his four-fucking-thousand stores and ask the employees for their opinion on how things should be done?

How often have you observed a school principal letting the students vote on an issue instead of issuing his edicts and telling the kids they must obey or else?

Ever hear President George DoubleFuckingYou Bush make a state-of-the-union address then ask the crowd for its input and perspectives?

How often do presidents of any country encourage social movements which would disestablish the Established and spark the decentralization anarchsim so brightly promises?

How often in the Bible do you see real democracy, which involves real power of the people? How many times in America is direct action practiced in lieu of the scam called "representative democracy"?

How often do you see a break from the norm: the top-heavy authoritarianism of the Bible and of American business and politics?

How often in the United States and other alleged democracies do you see genuine, authentic democracy in action?

Why do politicians relax after the votes are in, then not worry about the consent of the governed until it's time for the next election?

Why do we live in a pseudo-democracy, which is more a plutocracy than anything else, wherein the evil axis of organized religion-government-capitalism (the priest/the president/the banker) wrests the power of the people from the people, and the people don't care?