The Proto-Evil

The never-ending debate between theists and atheists has several arguments from both sides which never go away. These include, on the atheist side, the argument from evil, and on the theist side, the argument from design.

Here's a new one to add to the dialogue, and it's an extension of the argument from evil (which says, basically, if God existed He would not allow evil to exist). This new weapon I will call "the argument from the perpetuation of evil." It basically goes like this:

Why does God Himself continue to exist? God created evil. See Isaiah 45:7. Evil did not exist before He created it. God is the source of all evil. He is the fountain of all things bad and nefarious.

If God is not the author of evil, Isaiah 45:7 is a lie. If it's a lie, it somehow sneaked into the Bible when God wasn't looking.

Think about it - who came first, God or Satan? God, of course. Satan is a created creature. So, since God is the original being, He is inescapably the creator of evil. Even if He just "allowed" evil to be born He is still its author.

What I'm wondering is, if God really hates evil as He is alleged to, why doesn't He just commit suicide?

God says in first person in Isaiah 45 that He's the originator of evil but in other passages He claims to eschew evil and be pure goodness. Is this propensity for contradiction a sign that God truly is evil? Is He showing a proclivity for deceitfulness? Is He telling us He loves fucking with our heads? As the inventor of evil, BibleGod may very well be a jester.

It's time for an exercise in logic, especially for any Christians who may be reading this.

If God manufactured evil, He:
a. used a method of creation;
b. had a motive, a compelling reason;
c. created evil at a certain, finite point in time;
d. aforehand determined a purpose, a function, a utility for evil;
e. thought about evil and how and why He would bring it into existence before doing so.

Now let's scour these salient points one by one.

In regard to point a, what was God's method of creation? Did He create evil out of nothing? Or out of Himself? Out of his mind? Out of his heart?

In reference to point b, something may have motivated the evil-maker into thinking the world would be better off with evil than without it. This is true if we invoke the presumption of sincerity when considering what Christians say about God as the God of love loving his creatures, especially the human ones.

Think about c. At some definitive point in time, God conjured up evil, from something/somewhere. Funny that He didn't take a paid vacation day after doing so like he did after creating the cosmos. Surely an incorporeal force like Evil would be harder to create than the physical world.

God either created Evil instantaneously or gradually. Either He laboured over it, or did it in assembly-line fashion, in phases, to ease the workload. Either it was easy and quick or He strained Himself.

Point d is the most important philosophically. God made a decision to create Evil. That decision was that Evil is a necessity, unless God is just fucking with us and Evil is an experiment, which is possible. In fact, it's possible that the whole universe is just some superbeing's science project.

If that superbeing is the God of the Bible, He must have weighed factors before the actual act of creation and determined what Evil would do to and for his creatures.

Point e is obviously similar to point d. In fact, they're functions of each other. But what's important is to ask how long did the Creator think about Evil before He created It? And if it didn't exist before it was made, how did God think of it (invent the idea) and why?

That evil exists in incontrovertible. Whether it's tangible or relative is a matter of debate. (I say it's relative, but also real because we can sense the difference between pleasant and unpleasant, well-intentioned and scheming, etc.). At the very least, evil exists as a concept and therefore it exists.

In juxtaposition with the theist-atheist, philosopher-theologian, Christian-freethinker dialectics, though, all I can say in conclusion is that the fact that BibleGod is imaginary is beside the point. The concomitant fact that BibleGod did not create Evil is beside the point. And the fact that Evil does not exist as a concrete, definable entity (just as morality does not) is beside the point.

The point is that Bible-believers and Christians believe that God is real and that He is good and only good. Only a small percentage even know Isaiah 45 is in their sacred Book...


Since YahwehGod is the proto-evil, he is responsible for all evil which occurs. Narrow that down to adultery, which Christians universally consider a sin (although many of them practice it physically and nearly all of them practice it mentally and therefore in the heart according to all-wise Jeezus).

The only conclusion from God's status as the Proto-Evil is that He intended for evil to continue existing for a long time after He created it. He apparently had an intention of endurance for it, not a short-term utility. Why create evil if you're going to banish it from existence shortly thereafter? Since evil still exists, we can assume YahwehGod wants it to. And since He created it for a purpose, He is responsible for it.