Lettuce Prey

Christians don't follow the commands of the Bible too faithfully. For example, how many of them do you see walking around naked? Not very many. They are commanded by Jeez to sell all they have, but they don't. At least not in this age of materialism and gain. How many of them follow the principle from the Sermon on the Mount to worry not about the morrow? Very few. Instead they constantly worry about the next paycheck, the next mortgage payment, the next time they'll get laid, and the future in general.

But one command they do follow (because it's easy to follow) is that they pray. Some of them pray several times a day. I did when I was a believer. I'd pray little prayers inside my head, silently, without moving my lips, and I'd pray right before I went to sleep every night (occasionally I'd fall asleep during a prayer). I'd even sometimes pray that God would let me fuck the hot chick sitting two pews away.

But I wonder about prayer. God hears all prayers, and answers all of them - with a Yes or No, sometimes with the specific request fulfilled or a variation of it at times. But why should anyone pray the same prayer over and over? If God hears it once He logs it into his divine memory banks and works on it when He wants to, if He wants to. Why do Christians pray for the same thing over and over and over? Better yet, why not one blanket prayer which covers every contingency and every desire in a person's upcoming days and months and years? Why not one prayer at one time for all time? Why not just say one prayer and ask God to cover the rest of your life with it?

And also, I wonder if prayers have expiration dates...If they do, pray-ers will have to repeat their implorings after the original ones expire. I'm sure God keeps track of shit like that. He keeps track of souls in the Book of Life, so why not keep track of prayers with some kind of a big-ass prayer log that sits on a coffee table in the lounge in Heaven?