Excerpts From E-mails To A Fundamentalist Cousin

The Second Epistle Of Chris, The Christopherian, To Steven, A First Cousin:

Thanks for the speedy response.

Everything you wrote sounds exactly like everything I used to spew when I was a hellfire-and-brimstone witnessing Christian.

Regrettable that my infallible logic and case for atheism did not convince you. I've already read dozens of books promoting Christianity, and the only way I'd read the one you recommend is if you'd read one I recommend - probably Atheism: The Case Against God or Atheism: A Philosophical Justification. Both are invincibly convincing.

You wrote "the fact that Jesus Christ came to earth..." Unh-uh, he never came to Earth. Jesus is a mythological, literary figure. No evidence has been found for his existence on this planet. If he'd lived here some evidence, and proof, would have been found by now. The search has been in vain. Sorry, no first coming, no second coming. Jesus is merely legendary. The name "Jesus Christ" itself is symbolic, and the legend of Jesus is based on previous savior-gods from other religions in several parts of the world, such as Krishna, Horus, Buddha, Prometheus, et al. Jesus is a recycled savior-god, borrowed and modified just as the flood myth and other Old Testament Hebrew myths were borrowed (stolen) and modified while the Hebrews were in captivity to the Canaanites, the Babylonians, etc.. Plagiarism was one of the Hebrews' most remarkable talents.

You talk like Jeezus is absolutely perfect, could do no wrong. Have you read your Bible? Read the book of Revelation. Jeez goes on a bloody fucking rampage throughout that book, wiping out millions, probably half the human race (you know that must have included many babies and children). Good thing it's not true and will never happen. The pissed-off boy was only following the example of his daddy Yahweh (the Hebrew name for the God of the Old Testament). Yahweh slaughtered millions all throughout the Old Testament. See Numbers 31, I Chronicles 16, the entire book of Joshua, Jeremiah 25, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. to find out what a hateful God is BibleGod. Also see Psalms 78 to learn how God sent evil angels to destroy humans and Isaiah 45 to learn that God himself is the creator of evil. Would I worship such a God? Fuck no. I have too much compassion for the human race to do such a thing. The Wholly Babble is an account of God's war against man.

Jesus an icon of perfection, you say? Is this the same Jesus who refused to heal a lady's daughter when she asked him to? Is this the same Jesus who insulted a lady by calling her a swine? Is this the same Jesus of Matthew 24 who promised he'd come back to Earth before the crowd of people he was talking to passed away? (didn't happen did it?...that was allegedly 2,000 years ago - just one more false prophecy in the Babble, which has absolutely no fulfilled prophecies, not even one)...Is this the same Jesus who in Luke 19:27 speaks the command to bring in all his enemies and "slay them before me"? Fuck, what a nice guy! If that's perfect I'm glad I don't worship it. You'd do well to read an old book of mine called "The Mistakes Of Jesus."

"The ultimate sacrifice for our sins," you say? Sin is only a concept, a theological idea, a component of soteriology. It's a doctrine, not a reality. It has to do with breaking commands and laws of God, not with right and wrong, which is a very important distinction since so many of the laws of BibleGod are arbitrary and capricious (what a fickle fucking God he was...). Ethics and morals are a different matter altogether - they are created by humans not by deities. The sense of right and wrong is also totally another thing than sin, and it's instinctive in humans, not issued by some deity floating around out there somewhere.

Explain how in the hell we can coexist with an infinite being. Do you even know what the word "infinite" means?!!! It means everywhere and everything. Not just everywhere in some vague, unexplained way, but also everything. Infiniteness is total, not partial. An infinite being would be the only thing. If we coexisted with God, we would be part of God, and that's pantheism. If you told that to a Baptist preacher, he'd tell you that pantheism is pagan and of the devil and that you're going to hell for believing such a wicked concept. Christians believe in a finite God who lives in Heaven (which is inferred to be a finite place because if it was infinite it wouldn't be separate from the earth and hell and logically could not have a separate name). Infinite means infinite. I can't believe you're an engineer who's surely very intelligent when it comes to mechanical matters but you can believe the garbage spewed by Xtians. Xtianity is nothing but a cult - the biggest cult in the world, and I'm glad I'm no longer a part of it. It thrives on mind control and brainwashing.

You say of God: "we are not forced to worship him or love him" and that we have free will. Wrong, way wrong on both counts, Stevie. What does the Bible say? Believe in Jesus or...or what? Burn in hell forever. There's absolutely no freedom of choice in a scenario in which you're punished (harshly and for a long time) for making the wrong choice. You're essentially FORCED to accept salvation by Jesus because you're punished with hellfire for refusing it. No free will, no freedom of choice anywhere in there. If there was, if you could reject Christ and get away with it, with a truly free will, he'd say "Okay, no big fucking deal, you can do what you want, but you won't get to live in heaven with me; it's your choice." You might be rewarded with eternity in Heaven for accepting Christ but not punished for rejecting him.

I know what your answer is to what I earlier said about God massacring helpless humans and Jizzus doing the same in the (thankfully fictional) book of Revelation. "It's just God's judgment." That's the puny, weak, evasive answer every Xtian gives. WRONG. Killing someone is not judging them. How can they have a chance to repent or accept BibleGod if they're dead? A loving God would not judge people in such a way, he wouldn't create evil, he wouldn't send evil angels to fuck up his own creation, he wouldn't wipe out all but 8 people in a global deluge, he wouldn't create a hell or send anyone there, he wouldn't rip innocent unborn babies out of their wombs as the Old Testament says he did (proving he was the greatest and most active abortionist in history, but fortunately his history is mythical), and he wouldn't create his own worst enemy the Devil to play a cosmic game of chess with helpless humans being the pawns. If you'd read your Bible you'd know these things. Atheists usually know a heckuva lot more about the Bible than Christians do. I'm certainly no exception.

You're apparently not up on your astrophysics, either. The universe (ours I mean, but who knows how many there are or if we live in a multiple universe) is not solely in a state of expansion. Some galaxies are moving inward, not outward, as they show a blueshift not a redshift. Just because the universe is expanding now doesn't mean it always will. It may contract for trillions of years then expand for trillions of years. And like I said before, BibleGod would have no motivation, no reason to create the universe, and no room to do so. You and other Christians simply cannot explain how that would be done or why.

You're wrong when you say I've pushed God out of my mind. I contemplate God all the time. That's part of philosophy. But since I'm sensible I realize that a being called God simply cannot exist. If any kind of superintelligent superbeing exists (and that's possible) it's finite, not infinite, and it's not a deity, it's not divine or supernatural, and there's no reason to worship it. The same logic goes for the God of the Bible. Why should we have (be forced) to worship Him? Noone ever asked to be born. Noone had a consciousness before being born or had any choice in the matter. It was out of their control.

Read the Bible. The Bible condemns Christianity better than any secular book pushing atheism I could ever recommend. Read the hundreds of contradictions in the Bible which prove it was anything but divinely inspired. Read Exodus 21 and see what a wonderful, kind deity BibleGod is. If you're going to debate with me, you'll need a lot more material and stronger material than the usual pat explanations you gave today. I've heard all those so many times and I used to blurt them over and over myself like a drone.

I'm looking forward to your next e-mail. It's futile to try to get me to become a Christian because I've already been saved 3 times (which is actually well under the average number of conversions for a Baptist) and I'd rather be in Hell than be stuck in Heaven with the mass murderer Yahweh and the mass murderer Jeezus. No thanks.


Bits and Pieces of the First Cyber-epistle To Steven, A First Cousin:

...The foremost reason I'm an atheist, though, is that the idea of God makes absolutely no sense to me.

A God (with a capital G) would necessarily be infinite. So if God existed, we wouldn't exist. And the very fact that we exist means God does not. Coexistence with an infinite being is impossible.

We know that Nature exists. If God existed, Nature would not. God would have no need of Nature just as Nature has no need of God. It's God OR Nature, not both. (See the Jewish philosopher Spinoza and the philosophies/religions of Buddhism and Hinduism). God would have no motivation to create anything else besides Himself, no room to do so, and no reason to do so.

I agree with the Hindus and Buddhists, that the universe has always existed and that nothing could have created it. This is applicable to our universe, whether it is infinite and the only universe or one huge universe in a larger conglomerate "multi-verse" which is a group of universes (see astrophysicist Michio Kaku). The universe is the uncreated Primary (see the brilliant Russian philosopher Ayn Rand) which exists whether we or our consciousness exist or not and whether we want it to exist or not. Mother Nature is the first cause and still causing. It will always exist, whether humans do or not. I also agree with the Buddhist idea that the universe goes through an infinite series of recycling and change. Nature is the only realm of existence. People are too quick to categorize anything they don't understand in the domain of the "supernatural."But if demons and angels exist, they're part of Nature. If ghosts exist, they're part of Nature. If an afterlife exists, it's part of Nature. The supernatural cannot exist because it would be outside of Nature, which is not possible. Nothing can exist outside the only reality, which is called Nature. Nature encompasses everything.

Nothingness is also impossible. Even "empty" space is not empty. The biblical account of creation says God created everything, even light (actually, the book of Genesis is two contiguous, conflicting creation myths so either one of them is not true or they're both not true, but again, that's another subject and I'm trying not to ramble). If Genesis is accurate, God created everything out of Himself or out of nothing. Both are impossible. If He (It) manufactured the universe from the material comprising Itself, It underwent what a Greek thinker called the voluntary decomposition of the Infinite. If It created everything from nothing, that means It was surrounded or bordered by nothing, which is impossible because Existence itself precludes a realm of Nothingness.

If God existed, noone, including me, would be an atheist. The evidence, yea, the PROOF, of It would be incontrovertible. The existence of God is impossible. "There is no God." (See comedian George Carlin).

So, there's a few reasons I have for rejecting God-belief...If you'd like to hear my reasons for rejecting Christianity, and I certainly hope you would, I'll be glad to tell you those in a separate e-mail....