Dissent Central

Why blestbedissent.com? Well, what fun would it be if everyone agreed about everything? Dissent is blessed not for the sake of disagreement and abating boredom and heterogeneity, but more vitally as a galvanizer of human consciousness.

As a function of non-conformity, dissent is a precious thing. Concurrency is passive; dissent is active and dynamic.

Non-conformity is important because without it, the status quo would continue forever. Unless it died from attrition and internal changes, but that process of self-death would linger too long and humans would continue to suffer under its aegis. External forces for change will facilitate its death much more rapidly. With an active infusion of dissent and non-conformity, the status quo of oppression, control by the monied, and authoritarianism will wither away.

The old saying "Some rules are made to be broken" certainly applies to real life, and not just attitudes and potentialities.

Some rules, in fact, must not only be broken but stomped on. One that comes to mind is the maxim of advice: "Speak only when spoken to." Just think - if everyone followed this rule noone would ever initiate a conversation and we'd live in a world of absolute silence...

A dissenter is the most blessed of human beings. A dis-scenter is equally valued. The American political and religious climate is rather odious. The stench permeating the atmosphere with its noxious fumes of conformity and acceptance must be attenuated. The odor must be freshened. Common sense is one technique we can use to disperse the foul smells of Christianity and corporate capitalism. It's been way too long since we had a revolution. The Sixties didn't last long enough. We need another Sixties. This time more intense and focused.

Dissent is good.

Dissent is important.

Dissent is necessary and vital.

Without dissent, things-the-way-they-are will continue forever. People will continue to oppress people. Rulers will continue to rule masses. The planet will continue to groan and fight back.


My objective is to modify or replace your cosmology.


"Now in England as I remember it, they were much more secure when I was a boy, 15 years old, in a very orthodox Church of England school, I announced that I was a Buddhist. Nobody turned a hair. Here, if somebody announces that he's something strange, they have to go before the principal, and there's a big problem, and the FBI is brought in, and this, that, and the other. But they said 'Jolly wot, the man's a bud-dist!' And positively encouraged me in my deviant interest, and gave me the first prize in the divinity class. Now exactly the same kind of relaxed atmosphere is necessary here." - Alan Watts