The Awl-mighty God

As a Christian, don't you think you should follow all the commands of God in the Bible? After all, isn't this His book? Isn't Lord and Savior more than just savior? Doesn't "Lord" have some significance? Don't you know by now you're supposed to appease your god?

Instead of sanctimoniously drilling non-believers with the Ten Commandments, follow every one of them yourself in every jot and tittle, Xtians. Do that before you exhort someone else to. Not only that, pay attention to the fucking context since your famous retorts always include "But you're taking it of context!". If you follow the famed contents of Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments, notice what comes after them, and also obey the commandments of the succeeding chapter, and yea, every single chapter and verse of Exodus. Don't pluck bits and pieces from the entire instructional edifice. Don't pick and choose. If you're a Christian, you have no choice. You can't pick and choose. You must obey.

So, if you have a daughter, sell her to a slave market, as Exodus 21 commands you. Then buy a slave of your own and drive a sharpened awl through his/her ear to mark him as yours like you would a piece of livestock. Do as the Hebrews did, since you believe in their Bible. I'm sure you didn't know it, but the Old Testament is the Jewish Bible.

Sell your daughter and buy a slave. Absurd, you say? Of course it is. Very fucking absurd. But that's besides the fucking point. The point is, God is still talking in Exodus 21. God is speaking, in first person, to Moses, just as He was doing when He was delivering the Ten Commandments to him. The twenty-first chapter is part of the same monologue. God is still yapping on and on in the same rant. This is a continuous, unbroken speech, with never a breath taken.

If the Ten Commandments are sacred and must be followed, the orders of Exodus 21 are just as viable.

What do we see in this chapter? Instead of the preservation of family unity, which James Dobson and other pro-family evangelicals say the Bible inveterately supports, we see BibleGod encouraging the dissolution of the family and separation of family members, as in separating children from their moms and dads. We also see ownership of human beings by other human beings.

The Ten Commandments, although they were intended for the Hebrews of that time and only that time, and never intended by the Hebrew priesthood to be revered by other cultures and other nations in other centuries, are esteemed a bedrock of Christianity, and yea, of western civilization. They are a kingpin of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Any time ethics and morals are discussed, the Ten Commandments always enter the conversation.

But for some reason, Christians never mention their immediate successors, which are the awl-driving, slave-keeping commandments of Exodus 21. Gee, I wonder why...

How often are the cruel, inhuman, perverse commandments of Exodus 21 cited or mentioned in sermons, or obeyed? How many Xtians or Bible readers in general even know they exist? Bible readers in general have been very effectively "bamboozled by preachers." (Alan Watts). They mostly don't even know the content of Exodus 21.

Exodus 21 is as much a part of the Bible as Exodus 20, isn't it? It must be, because I can read it on the printed page. If I can read it, I know it wasn't excised for being apocryphal. It's established in ink. It's been under the printing press. I just read it. I didn't dream it. You can read it too, if you dare...

I just read it again. I was hoping it would go away, but alas, it's still there. Yet another chapter in God's war against man.