Welcome to the War On Error.

Welcome to the World Of Dissent.

Welcome to the arena of freedom - freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of expression.

Welcome to the zenith of independent thinking, and to the nadir of going along with the crowd.

Welcome to an alternative to conformitarianism.

And welcome to the very heart of offensiveness. If you are easily offended, read on. Read every word. Sometimes people need to be shocked into sensibility. If shock treatment is the way to make people, especially Americans, think straight, then sobeit!

The right to offend is one of our most precious rights...


One reason most people don't see the Big Picture is that they stay within the frames. They never venture outside the frame's safe borders by thinking "outside the box". This website is very definitely outside the box. It's all about going against the grain, swimming upstream, thinking for yourself.

It is a celebration of spitting out the hook. It revels in sacrilege. It rejoices in irreverence. It exults in the catharsis which relatively few lucky people experience when they reject dogma and the heavy boot of authority.

BlestBeDissent's salient manifesto is an unabashed bashing of popes and presidents, gods and governments - a full spectrum of authority figures who assume you should obey them.

This website is a blistering critique of orthodoxy. This is refreshing in today's world of corporate zombie-drones. People's minds, especially in America, are daily deadened by the repetitive ritual of driving to work and making money then going home to watch unrealistic reality shows like "Survivor" and those which boast cardboard bachelors and bachelorettes who never deviate from the norms of society's mainstream currents, then going back to work to make more money to be entertained at a movie theater on the weekend. Websites like this help liberate from the desperate cycle of zombification.

Who says we must continue to be an ovine/bovine society of stupid, obedient sheepcows? Why should that be the default? That's the way the Masters want it. They don't want us to see the light; therefore they keep the intellectual landscape dark. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is just the way things are. The paradigm of power exists. Since God does not, only we humans can alter it.

We needn't be a herd. We can read and ponder websites which inspire us to rebellion. It is my earnest hope that this is such a website.

BlestBeDissent offers an infusion of sanity to our dull, disingenuous world. It is a break from the polarized socio-politico-religio-economic nightmare called "the United States" and its ruling class hierarchy which delights in keeping us down. It is a site of inspiration for the downtrodden. Its insightful and incisive rants and essays in the "All About America" section and "Queen Save The God", for instance, help to scrape off the crusty residue oozed upon us by the Upper Crust.

Its rants and essays are the natural outcome of being a Rebel With A Cause. It's all these things and more, but it's not presented for the sake of being different...It's all from the heart, baby...

BlestBeDissent.com. Not polite. Not subtle. Philosophy with a hard edge. Counterculture to the max. Scholarly, with a punk rock vibe. A site that will set your grey matter awhirl. If you have a problem with authority, you'll love it. If you lick the boots of authority, you need it.

Destroy Tradition

Think For Yourself

   I was at work one night. Business was slow and I was reading and eating in a back room which had no customers. A waitress named Amie came into the room and wanted to tell me all about "Joe Millionaire". I told her I don't care about shows like that, and added I wished TV did not even exist. She said "Are you a negative person, Chris?" I responded "No, I'm a very positive person. I just want things to be better."
   Negative people watch garbage like "Joe Millionaire", and the pukey "The Bachelor" which was the latest rage after "Survivor" and right before Joe Fuckin' Millionaire.
   Who gives a fuck about that shit?! Why watch shows like that, and why watch soap operas? Why would you want to watch a show about someone else's life?! Why not live your own instead, I mean really live not just exist, and concentrate on improving your life by studying philosophy and interacting with other humans?
   Television rots the mind. Humans all over the planet are too vicarious. Television is a major contributing factor to this crisis.
   It's so sickening that Americans are content to just go to work and get through the day then be entertained. That's all most of them care about. As long as they have money coming in and they can rent videos or go to movies or dine out occasionally, they're happy. We could all be out protesting instead, and making the world a better place, instead of watching Joe Fuckin' Millionaire. Fuck him and fuck TV.
   But back to my dialogue with Amie...In my view, being a critic is a positive thing. Negative people are the ones who know things are fucked up, but ignore the causes or don't explore the causes and won't say anything lest they hurt someone's feelings or risk sounding negative. This attitude just perpetuates the status quo and a sick society and a sad world. Nothing will ever improve if that philosophy of non-action prevails.
   Positive people are the ones who illuminate what's wrong as a first step in improving it. They're outspoken when they need to be, and they actually talk about what's fucked up, why it is, and how to un-fuck it.
   Critics and dissenters are absolutely necessary for this world. There just aren't enough of us. This website will inspire more people to become critics, I hope.
   Dissent Is A Glorious Thing. It Is A Necessity. Blest Be Dissent...

   Most people shy away from religion and politics. Not me. Along with philosophy, I'd rather talk about these broad subjects more than about anything else.
   Why are people so reluctant to discuss religion and politics anyway? Several reasons pop into my head. One is that tempers flare when these touchy, sensitive areas are talked. Friends are lost. People are shot. Insults are delivered. Traditions are threatened. Comfort zones are invaded. Minds are changed.
   That last one is what's so scary to most people. They shudder at the prospect of having to change their minds.
   People are also insecure, and therefore deep down they're afraid they might lose an argument and end up changing their mind. The last thing most humans want is a new mindset. They don't dare risk toppling what their grandma and grandpa and Sunday school teacher taught 'em.

Most people don't want their sacred cows stockaded and slain.

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